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http://avramidisdart.gr/modules/hysyk-adobe-lightroom-for.php Other entries cover literature and art, still others the coffeehouses and other aspects of Syrian daily life.

Entries are very readable, imparting a respect for the country's history and explaining details with an apolitical view. The dictionary provides excellent coverage of historical figures as well as people and communities within current-day Syria.

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Entries are supported by an introduction that surveys Syrian history from ancient times, through the caliphates and Mamluks, to the period of Asad family rule. Other features include a helpful chronology and an extensive bibliography. Two maps show the administrative regions of Syria and land use. Like other volumes in the series, this one provides an authoritative and succinct overview of the history of a nation about which many Americans are ignorant. It would be a good addition to academic and large public library collections.

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Condition: New. No dj, grey cloth. Data in the Turkmenistan volume, dubious as they are, stop in the late s. However, most of the main figures in the recent Kyrgyz events are included. The career of the megalomanic President of Turkmenistan, Saparmurat Niyazov, is described over two pages with admirable restraint.

Rafis Abazov is one of our best qualified experts on Central Asia. Before any serious venture into the economies of countries like these, a historical dictionary like those provided by Rafis Abazov should be in your luggage.

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Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. The second chronology and time line are dedicated to the ongoing Syrian uprising. The introduction contextualizes the Syrian uprising within the broader Arab Spring movement and provides readers with a good overview of how the present situation in Syria developed. The chronology offers information through June While the dictionary portion in the book's first section is organized like those in other historical dictionaries in the series, with subjects intermingled alphabetically, the portion focusing on the uprising is organized by categories and then alphabetically.

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Meredith L. This area's climate consists of mild winters with fairly abundant rainfall and hot humid summers. He governed Syria effectively and cultivated allies at the Abbasid court in Baghdad in order to secure appointment as governor of Egypt and Syria with the pre-Islamic Persian title of ikhshid. Naseer Dashti. After his studies in France, Arsuzi resided in Antioch and worked as a schoolteacher. This large region includes Damascus and its Ghuta oasis; the Orontes River valley and a vast lowland of drained marshes called the Ghab; and Jazira in the northeast.

The extensive bibliography is divided into 30 different subjects to help readers discover additional references. This volume's special focus on the Syrian uprising makes it an especially valuable addition to university collections. Summing Up: Highly recommended.

Particularly significant changes have transpired since with the Arab uprising when Syrians took to the streets demanding a new regime. Tens of thousands of Syrians have been killed, some 25 percent of the population has fled the country, and much of the government has deteriorated.

The new edition contains more than entries on the most important political figures and events, religious groups and movements, economic sectors, social institutions, and cultural facets. Nearly new entries have been added and more than 50 entries have been updated.

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Greater attention is given to social institutions, cultural aspects, and economic issues. Besides the alphabetically arranged entries, the volume contains a chronology; extensive bibliography; Websites and Internet resources; and a specific section dedicated to the Syrian uprising. The author is a specialist who first studied in Syria as an undergraduate and has resided there for extensive periods of time.

This very fine reference work should be acquired in all large libraries with full coverage of Middle East reference tools. He received a Fulbright-Hays doctoral dissertation research grant to study Muslim religious reformers in the late Ottoman period at Damascus University in Syria, and he has published several books on the Middle East. David W.

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